Slot Zuylen

Well-preserved Serpentine Wall with Fruit Trees

The serpentine wall of Slot Zuylen is one of the best preserved fruit walls in Western Europe. A unique feature for this item is that the wall ends in a three-quarters round wall. In the center of this wall an apple tree (Star Apple) was planted. The fruit wall, 120 meters long, was built around 1742 and restored in 2006. Along de fruit wall you will find a selection of stone fruits (peach, apricot, nectarine, cherry, morel) and fig. Parallel to the wall is a free-standing trellis.

Behind the vegetable garden is a second fruit wall, with old pear and apple varieties, peaches, apricots and berries. This garden is not open to the public.


Opening Hours & Admission Prices

Slot Zuylen
Tournooiveld 1
3611 AS Oud-Zuilen
The Netherlands

Consult the website for opening hours and entrance fees.

Tip : Slot Zuylen organizes a Fruitday, on the first Sunday of October. You can then take a free tour through the garden. At this eventyou can visit various stalls and children can join in activities.

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