Paleis Het Loo

Beautiful Espalier Trained Fruit along Fruit walls in Tip Top Shape

Het Loo Palace has several long straight fruit walls with espalier fruit trees.A special feature of the collection is that many trained fruit trees are still growing in a well-balanced way despite their old age.The collection of orangery plants is also striking.

The fruit walls harbour an extensive collection of old espalier fruit trees:

  • pome fruits
    • pear ( Pyrus communis )
      Cultivars: ‘Beurré Hardy’, ‘Blood Pear’, ‘Bonne Louise d’Avranches’, ‘Brederode’, ‘Juttepeer’, ‘Kleipeer’, ‘Le Curé’, ‘Maagdenpeer’, ‘Noord-Hollandse Suikerpeer’, ‘Oranjepeer’ , ‘Bergamot’, ‘Red Sugar Mash’
    • apple ( Malus domestica )
      Cultivars: ‘Pineapple Reinette’, ‘Flower Sweet’, ‘Peach Red Summer Apple’
    • quince ( Cydonia oblonga )
      Cultivar: ‘Vranja’
  • stone fruit
    • plum ( Prunus domestica )
      Cultivars: ‘Reine Claude d’Ouillins’, ‘Reine Claude Verte’, ‘Victoria’
    • peach ( Prunus persica )
      Cultivars: ‘Fertile de Septembre’, ‘Vaes Harvest’
    • nectarine ( Prunus persica var.nucipersica )
      Cultivar: ‘Madame Blanchet’
    • sour cherry ( Prunus cerasus )
      Cultivar: ‘Rheinische Schattenmorelle’
    • mulberry ( Morus nigra )
  • false fruits
    • fig ( Ficus carica )
      Cultivar: ‘Brown Turkey’

Many cultivars are old, rare commercial varieties. The espaliers are still traditionally tied to wooden slats against the wall. Just like in the old days: manually, using thin willow toes.

Also worthwhile for viewing:

  • orangery with a collection of old citrus trees (approx. 20 trees / 7 cultivars)
  • mighty berceau of hornbeam
  • formal garden
  • museum Het Loo Palace (with audio guide)
  • stable complex (coach house, horse stables, hitch, tack and tack rooms)

Next to Palace Het Loo is Crown Estate Het Loo, a park of 650 hectares.

A restaurant with cosy outdoor terrace is located at the entrance of Paleis Het Loo.
At the back of the garden you will find a kiosk with a view over the gardens.


Het Loo Palace (Dutch: Paleis Het Loo)
<em>Visitor entrance:</em> Koninklijk Park 16
7315 JC Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Consult the website of Palace Het Loo for current opening hours and entrance fees. Tickets for park Crown Estate Het Loo are also available.

Prepare Your Visit

The High tea at Paleis Het Loo is elaborate and delicious. We highly recommend it!

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