Huis te Manpad

Beautiful Espalier Fruit and Longest Snake Wall

Historic country estate Huis te Manpad has the best-known and most beautiful espalier wall in the Netherlands . The fruit wall, built in 1720-1740, is also the longest snake wall in Europe (209 meters). Along the undulating wall, espaliers (pears) that are 60-70 years old grow, with frame branches that are still in balance.

The espalier trees are still tied to the trellis with willow twigs. The willow trees are specially grown on truncated trees. In the fruit garden of Huis te Manpad you can also visit a fruit cage and a more than 100-year-old grape tree.


Herenweg 7, 2105 MB Heemstede

Opening Hours & Admission Prices

You can only visit the garden with a free tour (1.5 hours) led by a guide. Each guide tells their ‘own story’, with fun anecdotes and interesting facts from the past of Huis te Manpad. The house itself cannot be visited. Consult the website for data and collection time . Pre-booking is not necessary, unless you are coming with a group.

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