Fruit Growing Museum Kappelle

Accommodates a large collection of Espalier Trained Fruit

The historic fruit tree collection of Fruit Growing Museum Kapelle comprises about 170 (!) different fruit cultivars, mainly apple and pear. You will also find some plums, sour cherries, quince, medlar and fig. The trees are grown as a full wind line (meaning: not growing along a fruit wall).

Espalier Trained Fruit Trees

The espalier fruit tree collection comprises different shapes of trained fruit trees, such as:

  • vertical cordon
  • oblique cordon (angled cordon)
  • unilateral horizontal cordon (step-over)
  • bilateral horizontal cordon (step-over)
  • U-shape
  • double U-shape
  • horizontal palmette
  • oblique palmette
  • fan-shaped
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  • Belgian Fence (Y-shape)
  • wing pyramid
  • table shape
  • house shape
  • berceau
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The most notable espaliers include:

  • a double U-shape grafted with 4 different apple cultivars:
    ‘Karmijn de Sonnaville’, ‘Mantet’, ‘Oranje de Sonnaville’, ‘Rubinette’.
    This is a so-called family tree .
  • a table system of apple trees (Malus domestica ‘Jonathan’).

In addition to espalier fruit, old cultivation systems of commercial fruit growing are also demonstrated, such as the yoke system . A mistletoe grows in a few half-stem trees.

To view further:

  • demo garden small fruit (including blackberry, raspberry, currant, mulberry, kiwi)
  • museum (utensils, scale models of espalier, an old auction room, library, etc.)
  • museum shop (with local products)
  • museum café


Fruit Growing Museum Kapelle (Dutch: Fruitteeltmuseum Kapelle)
Annie M.G. Schmidtsingel 1
4421 TA Kapelle
The Netherlands

Opening Hours & Admission Prices

Consult the website of Fruit Growing Museum Kapelle For Opening Hours and Entree fees.


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