Castle Twickel

The espalier trained fruit collection at Castle Twickel is located in a walled kitchen garden. The fruit trees grow along straight fruit walls totalling 200 m. This craft has been revived since 1998.

Espalier Trained Fruit Trees​ along a straight Fruit Wall

The vegetable garden comprises about 250 plants (50 cultivars) of various espalier tree shapes*. Mainly pears (40 cultivars), but also some currants, peach and apricot.

*: Espalier shapes include: vertical cordon, oblique cordon, wavy cordon, zigzag cordon, two-sided oblique palmette, one-sided oblique palmette, two-sided horizontal palmette, Belgian Fence, single U-shape, double U-shape, triple U-shape, Verrier palmette, circular palmette, fan shape without central leader.

More to see:

  • vegetable garden / ornamental garden
  • orangery
  • Estate Twickel (embracing Twickel Castle)
  • shop Twickel Castle


  • vegetable garden / ornamental garden
  • orangery
  • Estate Twickel (embracing Twickel Castle)
  • shop Twickel Castle

Opening Hours & Admission Prices

Start your visit at the Visitor Centre / shop. Limited public opening times. Consult the website for current hours times and admission prices.

Twickel Castle is still inhabited. Restricted opening times apply, by guided tour, in small groups. The tour takes about 70 minutes (ticket approximately €15). See website for availability.

Prepare Your Visit

Combine your visit to the walled Kitchen Garden of Castle Twickel with a visit to other parts of Estate Twickel in the region:

  • estate Hof te Dieren
  • estate Nettelhorst (near Lochem)
  • estate Lage (north of Ootmarsum, just across the German border).
  • Estate the Gelderse Waard
  • Estate Wassenaar
  • Estate Brecklenkamp

These estates are all part of Estate Twickel, a sloping area (6,400 ha) with winding paths. The largest part of Estate Twickel has free access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Information about this is available at the Visitor Centre of Twickel Castle.

For plant lovers I highly recommend a visit to nearby nursery De Border . This nursery has demo borders with a vast collection of perennials and a rose garden. These perennials and roses are for sale at their shop.

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