Oblique Cord with 2 Stories


No Synonyms


An oblique cord with two parallel frame branches.


Specific Applications

  • Replacing lost single cord
    When in a row of single angled cords a plant fell away, the plant next to it was transformed into a double angled cord to fill the empty space. To this end, one branch of the neighborhood plant was diverted and cultivated into a second frame branch. The grower would then not have to plant a new tree.


The double oblique cord is just as easy to grow and maintain as the single oblique cord . Suitable for low walls (180-300 cm high) with espalier. An oblique cord is otherwise comparable to a vertical cord.
An angled cord is suitable for all types of fruit trees.

Only use a double angled cord as an emergency solution when a plant falls away in a row with single angled cords.

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