Regular Horizontal Cord


horizontal cordon, single-arm cord, flat cord, lay-flat cord , simple cord.


Espalier with a single, horizontally curved frame branch. The fruit wood is only kept at the top of the frame branch. The end is fixed at an angle upwards; this prevents the tip from languishing.


Specific Applications

The one-armed cord has the same uses as the two-armed cord:

  • Suitable alternative for a low (boxwood) hedge.
  • Nice as a border for paths and flowerbeds in a vegetable garden, ornamental garden or cottage garden.
  • Also often used as a low permanent espalier in front of a fruit wall with high upright espaliers. One to a few meters distance was kept between the two espalier rows.


A horizontal cord is easy to grow and maintain and is productive at a young age. The disadvantage is the short life of the tree. In the first years, many back shoots develop, which must be pruned well.

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