Verrier Palmet


Double sided Verrier palmet or regular Verrier Palmet



The Verrier palette is a variant of the oblique palette: the main branches are planted perpendicular to the trunk.

The Verrier palette has an odd number of main branches ( with stem extension). It differs in this from the candelabra palm, which has an even number of main branches ( without stem extension).

Disadvantage of the Verrier palm > is that the middle frame branch is much shorter, while it naturally has the greatest vigor. The consequence of this is a strong vegetative vigor on the middle frame branch. This leads to unbalanced growth and fruit set over the tree.

A Verrier palette (with stem extension) shows a strong vigor in the top of the tree (vegetative growth) with less fruiting (generative growth). This problem can be remedied by grafting a weaker growing variety step by step for each next floor .

The Verrier palette is a complex espalier that will last for years. grower planning required. Before the cultivation starts, the grower must make a design drawing to scale. The grower then has to implement this design in a goal-oriented and consistent manner for many years. Design errors in complex palm shapes are almost impossible to correct afterwards.

Other types of Verrier Palmet

1-sided Verrier Palmet

2-sided Verrier Palmet with 5 frame branches

Verrier without a Frame Branche

Een Verrier Palmet met 8 gesteltakken

Verrier without a Frame Branche

A Verrier Palmet without a Frame Branche

Roof shaped Verrier Palmet

Roof shaped 2-sided Verrier Palmet

Double Verrier Palmet side-by-side

Doubke Verrier Palmet​​

Triple Verrier Palmet

Triple Verrier Palmet

Verrier Palmet with surrounding frame branches

2-sided Verrier Palmet of 11 frame branches, two of which are circumferential frame branches.


Difficult to propagate; fairly easy to maintain.

Recommended espalier shape. Better espalier shape than a Verrier palette, but a Gaucher palmet is an (even) better alternative.

If you want to opt for a candelabra palm, it is best to take a tree on which several varieties are grafted , whereby the vigor of the grafted variety decreases with each next floor. The tree then grows naturally in a more balanced way and requires less maintenance (pruning).
In practice, this will often mean that you yourself must inoculate the following variety per tier, of the correct cultivar.

A Candelabra palm (without heart branch) is preferred.

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