Regular Oblique Palmet


Angled palette, regular palette , (double) palette with angled branches, (double-sided) palette with angled branches


The palette with sloping branches is the most popular palm shape . This shape has one central branch with sloping, parallel frame branches on either side of the central branch.

The slanting position of the branches creates a favorable balance between growth and fruiting . A palm with oblique branches can be bended into various other palm shapes, such as the palm with horizontal branches.

This espalier shape was also widely used in the past.



The angled palm is the simplest palm shape . Easy to grow and maintain. Suitable for many fruits.

The recommended distance between the frame branches is 25-30 cm for pome fruits, for peach (50-) 60 cm, for gooseberry and redcurrant 20 cm.

In specific situations, a one-sided palette helps to make optimal use of the surface of a slate construction.

This espalier is also used for the Cossonet method .

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