Regular Horizontal Palmet


(Double) palette with horizontal branches, double-sided palette with horizontal branches


The horizontal palette is a variation on the angled palette. A palette with horizontal tiers is cultivated in the beginning as a palette with sloping branches; afterwards, the branches are laid down horizontally and tied again.
Note: The 5 e and next floor (s) are yes directly guided horizontally.

The palm with horizontal branches is more difficult to maintain than a palm with oblique branches, because with this espalier shape has a tendency to irregularly distributed growth :

  • The tree is sensitive to strong growth in the head.
  • The tree is susceptible to branch calcification on the lower frame branches.

Thorough knowledge and experience during the cultivation of the tree can largely prevent problems in the adult tree stage.

This espalier shape was often used in the past.

The Cossonnet Method is a cultivation system with alternately a palette-with-oblique-branches and a-palette-with-horizontal-branches.



The palm-with-horizontal-branches is more difficult than the palm-with-oblique branches, both in the propagation phase and in the adult phase. This espalier shape requires thorough professional knowledge. Those who do not have this experience can better attach the frame branches in a slightly inclined position instead of completely horizontal.

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