Gaucher Palmet


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The Gaucher palmet is also derived from the Verrier palmet and is considered an ‘improved’ candelabra palette . With this espalier, each frame branch ends in a U-shape. (With the candelabra palm, only the middle frame branch ends in a U-shape.)

This espalier shape is named after its inventor: Nicholas Gaucher, a German arborist. P >

The Gaucher palm is difficult to grow and has a long cultivation phase . Yet it was used a lot in the past. In the past, Gaucher palmettes were grown with sometimes 9 U-shapes (18 main branches)!

The Gaucher palm has some important advantages over the Verrier palmet :

  • cultivation phase
    • A shorter cultivation time than with the Verrier palm, because the number of floors is half large.
  • production phase
    • The Gaucher palette has fewer horizontal parts * than the Verrier palette. This is important because horizontal branches are naturally less productive and also require more pruning maintenance than vertical branches. Some therefore choose to prune the horizontal parts of frame branches completely bare (with flat cut).
    • A slightly better distribution of the vigor because of the U-shaped frame branches. The U-shaped frame branches are somewhat easier to balance (require less maintenance pruning) than the frame branches of a Verrier palm.
    • A slightly higher production . The Gaucher palm, just like the candelabra palm, does not have ‘any’ heart branch. The U-shaped main branches produce slightly more flowers (and fruits).

*: The advantage of the Gaucher palette over the Verrier palette increases with the number frame branches.

The Gaucher Palmet is a complex espalier that requires years of planning from the grower. Before the cultivation starts, the grower must make a design drawing to scale. The grower must then implement this design in a targeted and consistent manner for many years. Design errors in complex palm shapes are almost impossible to correct afterwards.

Types of Gaucher Palmet

Double U

Gaucher Palmet with a double U shapes

Gaucher palmette with 3 U shapes

Gaucher Palmet with three U shapes

Gaucher palmette with 4 U shapes

Gaucher Palmet with four U shapes

Gaucher Palmet with 5 U shapes

Gaucher Palmetten with 5 U shapes


Very difficult to propagate. Maintenance is quite difficult, but easier than with other complex espalier shapes.

Highly recommended for those who want a complex slate shape. Often satisfies even better than the Candelabra palm .

Tip: It is better to inoculate a variety with a slightly lower vigor step by step for each subsequent tier. p>

Suitable for pome fruits (pear, apple) and stone fruits (peach, apricot).

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