Oblique Palmet

A palm with oblique branches is a popular espalier shape.

Horizontal Palmet

A variation on the oblique palm. The tree is guided horizontally in tiers.

U Shape

An Espalier trained in the shape of a U

Y shape

An Espalier trained in the shape of a Y

Verrier Palmet

The Verrier palmet is a variant of the oblique palmet: the main branches are planted perpendicular to the trunk.

Gaucher Palmet

A derivative of the Verrier Palmet. With this espalier, each frame branch ends in a U-shape.

Circular Palmet

An espalier of which the frame branches are guided in concentric circles.

German Pitchfork

The German Pitchfork is a variant of the oblique palette with curved frame branches.

The palmettes include all espalier trees whose frame branches run parallel and continue to grow in the same direction, in a flat plane. Palmettes are grown along a wall or espalier (trellis).

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